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Holy Hell

Eternal torment. A lake of fire. Wailing and gnashing of teeth. Many of us have sat through enough sermons to know what awaits us if we slip up. These dark visions of the afterlife seem a bit sadistic. Is there any hope within the Christian faith if this is the God of Love we serve?  
In this lively debut, Derek Ryan Kubilus makes the case for universal salvation. Kubilus shows how our ideas about hell have been distorted by mistranslation of the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures. Armed with proof-texts, those in power have used threats of eternal damnation as an instrument of control. Arguing that such torture is contrary to God’s nature, Kubilus offers an alternative understanding of hell—a temporary and holy rehabilitation, reconciling all creation in Christ. 
Theologically serious and culturally engaged, Holy Hell will shake readers’ assumptions about a seemingly implacable Christian doctrine that chains so many to eternal dread. In its place, Kubilus offers a vision for a church that serves all people with compassion, wherever they are in their journey toward Christ.

Early praise for Holy Hell:

Heather Hamilton

Returning to Eden: A Field Guide for the Spiritual Journey

"I am overjoyed that this book exists...Every Christian, both seasoned and new, should read Holy Hell. It is a balm for the mind and heart."

Thomas Jay Oord

Open and Relational Theology

"Kubilus uses plain language, scripture, and real-life stories to counter the common narratives about damnation...This book sets people free from bad theology!"

Will Willimon

United Methodist bishop, retired; Professor, Duke Divinity School

"Pastor Kubilus does a wonderful job of helping us discover once again...the God who...loves us in Jesus Christ so that we might let ourselves be loved eternally. A wise, funny, pastoral, vibrantly good news book. Hell? No!"

Fr Aidan Kimel

Destined for Joy

"A lovely, joyous, approachable book...I can see Holy Hell being the first book I would encourage a lay person to read who is troubled by the Church's teaching on eternal damnation..."

About the author:

Derek Ryan Kubilus studied at Malone University and Duke Divinity School and is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church (i.e. a Methodist pastor). 

Derek works and writes in northeast Ohio, where he lives with his wife (Maggie) and their two floofy dogs (Beowulf and Fenris). He is a fan of '80s and '90s wrestling, bonsai trees, science fiction, and long conversations with his wife.

Interviews + Other Work

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Derek Kubilus "Holy Hell: A Case Against Eternal Damnation" pt. 1

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